MX Linux

MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS communities, using the best tools and talents from each distro. It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint.

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Component Default Assignee
apt-notifier (mx-updater) dolphin_oracle
Notifier program for updates for MEPIS, MX and antiX
Booting problems fehlix
Booting problems related to GRUB/EFI/BIOS should be reported here.
Bugzilla implementation Jerry Bond
Please report here problems with this bug reporting site.
ddm-mx (nvidia-installer tool) dolphin_oracle
tool for detecting and installing nvidia drivers, including legacy drivers, bumblebee/optimus. also supports reversion to open-source drivers
desktop settings dolphin_oracle
general desktop settings for mx linux
Fix GPG keys (checkapt-gpg) dolphin_oracle
checks and download missing public keys needed by APT
Future Development Jerry Bond
area for future development ideas and submissions
gazelle-installer Adrian
This is the GUI installer for MX Linux and antiX linux.
General dolphin_oracle
items that don't fit in the other categories
ISO images dolphin_oracle
Release images for MX Linux Original Release ISOs and Monthly Snapshot ISOs.
mx-boot-options Adrian
Program for controlling boot options in MX Linux
mx-bootrepair Adrian
Simple GUI for re-installing/repairing GRUB in MX Linux
mx-cleanup Adrian
Simple program for freeing space: clearing log files, cache, trashcan
mx-codecs dolphin_oracle
tool for installing restricted deb files for libdvdcss, w*codecs, and libtxc-dxn0 S3 testures
mx-conky Adrian
This app enables detailed changes to the active conky. It supplements Conky Manager, which should be used for basic settings.
mx-docs Jerry Bond
The manuals and documentation for MX Linux
mx-idevice-mounter dolphin_oracle
Python3 GUI using the idevice & ifuse projects to mount & unmount iPhone & iPad filesystems
mx-live-usb-maker Adrian
Qt gui frontend for live-usb-maker
mx-menu-editor Adrian
MX tool for editing Xfce menu
mx-network-assistant Adrian
Utility for configuring and troubleshooting the network connections on MX Linux
mx-packageinstaller Adrian
GUI program for installing additional packages
mx-packageinstaller-pkglist dolphin_oracle
Package list for MX Package installer program (Popular Apps tab)
mx-repo-manager Adrian
MX Repo Manager is a tool used for choosing the default APT repository for MX Linux
mx-select-sounds Adrian
MX Select Sound is a small program for selecting the default sound card in MX Linux
mx-snapshot Adrian
Program for creating a live-CD from the running system
mx-system-sounds dolphin_oracle
Program for enabling events sounds in MX Linux Xfce desktop
mx-tweak dolphin_oracle
application for various configuration "tweaks" for MX Linux default Xfce desktop.
mx-usb-unmounter dolphin_oracle
Tray app for unmounting removable usb devices and optical discs.
mx-user-manager Adrian
Simple user configuration for MX
mx-welcome dolphin_oracle
Program for displaying a welcome message in MX Linux