Mon Jan 27 2020 20:21:39 PST
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
229 MX Linux mx-live- adrian UNCO --- Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten beim LIVE-USB-Maker Sat 17:23
236 MX Linux mx-netwo adrian UNCO --- Windows Freigaben werden in Linux nicht gezeigt.- Konfiguration Thunar smb://<IP-adresse/Verzeichnis> Sat 17:08
208 MX Linux desktop dolphinoracle UNCO --- Extremely slow performance of MX Linux application by connecting external monitor Fri 16:03
233 MX Linux General dolphinoracle UNCO --- cpu so hight almost 100% 2020-01-21
231 MX Linux mx-live- anticapitalista CONF --- dry run option gives error cannot mount a certain file 2020-01-21
224 MX Linux General dolphinoracle CONF --- Kmail sendet keine Emails Sat 17:47
176 MX Linux General dolphinoracle Clos OTHE Brightness not working on MX-19 Release Candidate 1 Sat 17:27
228 MX Linux apt-noti dolphinoracle Clos OTHE Manually check for updates without root password Sat 17:26
8 bugs found.


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